Hope at brunet pharmacies

Photo - Hope at brunet pharmacies

Anne-Marie Chagnon and Brunet pharmacies teamed up to present Espoir, a collection in tribute to Nathalie Moreau, the twin sister of Sylvie Moreau, actress and ambassador to the Institut, to help fund research on ovarian cancer.

Starting this past December 1st, a selection of 8 pieces of jewellery from the Jewellery for Hope 2015-2016 collection will be on sale in Brunet pharmacies. “We are very pleased with this new collaboration with Brunet. It allows us to shine even more light on the terrible illness that is ovarian cancer. This new collaboration is an important step in advancing cancer research.” – Anne-Marie Chagnon, jewelry designer

Why is ovarian cancer research so urgent?

  • Ovarian cancer is largely unknown, yet it is the most deadly gynaecological cancer.

  • There are still no screening tests. Therefore, in 75% of cases, ovarian cancer is only diagnosed in its late stages when treatments are limited and not always successful.

  • Despite advances in surgical techniques and chemotherapy, the five-year survival rate of patients with advanced ovarian cancer is only 15-25%.

  • In Canada, about 17,000 women are currently living with ovarian cancer and nearly 2,600 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year.

  • Research is the best hope for affected women and their families - and for all women, since each may one day suffer from this disease.

For each piece of jewellery sold, Anne-Marie Chagnon will make a donation to the Institut du cancer de Montréal dedicated to ovarian cancer research.

Anne-Marie Chagnon has been collaborating with the Institut du cancer de Montréal for over three years in order to fight ovarian cancer. Since its conception, this campaign has already raised over $100,000 for research at the Institut. 

Together, let’s fight the most deadly female gynaecological cancer and support research.

To learn more about the collection, visit: Anne-Marie Chagnon.

To read the press release, click here: Press Realease (only available in French)