Make a difference today and help us advance research. Every donation counts in the fight against cancer. No matter how much you can give, know that your donation makes a difference. *

* A tax receipt will be issued to you within weeks of your donation.

Here are a few different ways to contribute to cancer research

Donating in memoriam

No one is immune to the tragic loss of loved ones. If you lose someone close to you due to cancer, we invite you to pay your respects by making a donation in memoriam. This is a wonderful way to honour your loved ones memory in lieu of flowers, as it acts as a concrete way to support scientists working to eradicate cancer.

  • We can also send donation forms to the funeral home
  • You can also send a cheque to our address

In Memoriam donation

Donating to a research fund

Large or small, your donation is appreciated. We understand that each donor gives according to their means. Ultimately, your generosity will help advance research and eradicate cancer.

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Donating to a fundraising event

Donating to a fundraising event is a donation to a research fund. All our annual fundraisers contribute to researching specific types of cancers or supporting programs.

Make a donation to an event

Monthly donations

A donation of as little as $20 per month is a great way to contribute throughout the year. Once a month, your donation is automatically made from your credit card. Monthly donations are a practical and efficient way to advance research. 

Make a monthly donation

Willed donation

A bequest in your will is the surest way to ensure your continued support to a cause that is dear to you and to make a real difference in the fight against cancer. 

Willed donation form