Donner la Frousse au Cancer

Supporting the CHUM radio-oncology department

Donner la Frousse au Cancer is a year-round campaign to raise funds for the CHUM radio-oncology department.


Drs. Delouya and Roberge, both familiar with fundraising, wanted to give back to their patients. So they decided to partner with the Institut du cancer de Montréal and organize an activity to bring together patients, families, and CHUM radio-oncology employees. And so “Donner la Frousse au Cancer” - that can be translated to Give Cancer a Scare - was born.



The event aims to support the CHUM radio-oncology department by: 


  • Financing the improvement and personalization of patient care

  • Supporting research in radio-oncology.


The CHUM radio-oncology team, led by Dr. David Roberge, is a multidisciplinary team composed of research clinicians and fundamental researchers from the radiology department who are active in the Institut du cancer de Montréal. The radio-oncology research team performs high quality studies in multiple areas of oncology (breast, prostate, brain cancer, etc.).


Did you know that over half of all patients diagnosed with cancer receive radiotherapy?


Radiotherapy is an extremely versatile form of treatment. For some types of cancer, radiotherapy alone will destroy the tumour. In other cases, we use radiotherapy in concert with other approaches such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and surgery. Sometimes radiotherapy is used to reduce tumour size before surgery, or to ensure that cancerous cells can’t multiply again after surgery. Radiotherapy can also be used to reduce pain, bleeding, and other symptoms of cancer.


Recent advances in technology allow us to conduct in depth studies to better understand why and how radiotherapy works, as well as who will benefit most from radiotherapy, all while attempting to limit side effects as much as possible.

Take part in our daily fight against cancer. 


Thanks to your generous donations, since 2014 we have raised $142,595 net for cancer research which has been distributed as scholarships for research projects in radio-oncology. Multiple radiotherapy projects have been funded, in both fundamental research to clinical research. These projects included prostate cancer, uterine cancer and lung cancer.


This event would not be possible without our generous donors. Through their support, they allow us to offer the best care possible to our patients. 

Get ready for Donner la Frousse au Cancer which will be back for its 5th edition on Sunday October 28th 2018.


As last year, we will be raising money with a relay spin-O-thon with the proceeds going to support cancer research. Join us as we get ready to give cancer a scare while pedaling away the kilometers on a stationary bike.


Donner la Frousse au Cancer is also a day where health care professionals, students, patients, family, and friends come together to participate in a spinning relay with activities for the whole family and a lots of surprises. Lunch and snacks will be served on site. By relay, our fearless participants will pedal on high quality bikes alongside qualified spinning instructors.


This year, our goal is to raise $75 000 and you can help us by: 


  • Creating  your own relay team and come spin with us.

Create a team and invite your friends, family, and colleagues to join in by dressing up in your own team costume, it’s Halloween after all! Each relay team should have 3-5 members and each participant must raise a minimum of $250 which includes a tax receipt and your participation in the event.


  • Encourage a team by making a donation  

Check out the Canadhelps and make a donation to a participant, a team, or to our cause.


  • Participate in the event  

On Sunday October 28th 2018, come out and encourage our cyclists and participate in our event. Dress up as much to celebrate Halloween as to add to the fun of the day. There will be entertainment, door prizes, and draws on site. This year’s event will be held at the Centre de Recherche du CHUM at 900 rue Saint-Denis, 5th floor, Montreal H2X 0A9.


For more information, email us at

  • Dr. Jean-François Carrier, physician 

  • Mr. Jean-François Cayer, clinical interventionist

  • Dr. Anne-Marie Charpentier, radio-oncologist

  • Dr. Guila Delouya, radio-oncologist

  • Dr. Jean-Pierre Guay, radio-oncologist

  • Ms. Amenda Jean-Gille, administrative coordinator

  • Ms. Renée Larouche, Physician

  • Ms. Mélanie Ratelle, Technician

  • Dr. David Roberge, radio-oncologist and department head

Media gallery - Donner la Frousse au Cancer 2017