Dr Jean-François Cailhier, MD, Ph.D, FRCP(c)

Associate clinical professor;
Faculty of Medicine;
Université of Montréal, CRCHUM and Institut du cancer de Montréal.


Key words: Macrophage reprogramming, inflammation, cellular death, cancer, critical care

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Office: 514-890-8000 x.25971

1996  MD, University of Montreal,

2001  FRCP(c) and medical certification specializing in nephrology, Université of Montréal

2006  Ph.D University of Edinburgh, Pathology, Macrophage biology. Laboratory of Dr Jeremy Hughes and Sir Prof John Savill

2005  Post-Doctorate in endothelial biology and apoptosis. Laboratory of Dr Marie-Josée Hébert.

2013-2017  FRQS Clinical research fellow : Junior 2  

2009-2013  FRQS Clinical research fellow : Junior 1 

  • 2016-2018  Canadian kidney foundation
    "MFG-E8 in transplantation: From local to systemic Effect?"

  • 2013-2018  Claude-Bertrand Chair in Neurosurgery from the University of Montreal.

    "Study of inflammatory microenvironments in neurosurgery."

  • 2011-2017  Reverse the brain drain, Institut du cancer de Montréal

    "Macrophages and Cancer."

  • 2015-2017  CNTRP

    "Role of KIM-1 and MFG-E8 in generation and clearance of Cell Death-Associated Nanovesicles."

  • 2013-2015  Cancer Research Society

    "Butyrophilin Expression in Ovarian Cancer: Role in the Immunomodulation of Macrophage Reprogramming."

  • 2012-2014  Fondation des Pompiers du Québec

    "Immunomonitoring in severe burns."

  • 2012-2014  Canadian kidney foundation

    "Macrophage reprogramming by the microenvironment: Evaluation of the role of MFG-E8 and its signaling pathways in renal fibrosis."

  • 2011-2013  IRSC

    "Evaluation of the Reprogramming Consequences of the Senescence-Associated Secretory Phenotype on Macrophage and Their Role in Senescent Cell Clearance"

  • 2010-2012  Cancer Research Society

    "Butyrophilin Expression in Ovarian Cancer: Role in the Immunomodulation of Macrophage Reprogramming"

Awards and prizes

2011  Best clinical teaching professor (CHUM), Department of Medicine, University of Montreal.


Institut du cancer de Montréal's involvement

2013-  Member of the Young Ambassadors for the organization of the Casino contre le Cancer

Evaluating the role of the inflammatory and neoplastic microenvironment in macrophage reprogramming. 

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  1. Immunomonitoring (LIST)

Pharma collaborators:

  • Merck

  • BMS

  • Novartis

1. Patrick Laplante (PhD, research agent, laplantepat@videotron.ca)

2. Paméla Thébault (PhD, research agent)

3. Typhaine Gris (PhD, tyti_2@hotmail.com)

4. Ahmed Najjar (MSc, ahmed.najjar@umontreal.ca)

5. Zeid Kuzbari

6. Jean-Alexandre Sauvé (MSc.)

7. Frédéric Brillant-Marquis (MSc.)

8. Benoît Brilland (MSc.)