The 3rd Soirée Masquée: $75,000 raised towards unmasking cancer

Photo - The 3rd Soirée Masquée: $75,000 raised towards unmasking cancer

The 3rd Soirée Masquée, presented by Dejardins, was held Saturday, November 4th at the Scena in Montreal. This fundraiser ultimately raised $75,000 for cancer research.

More than 200 individuals from diverse backgrounds came together in support of the Institut du Cancer de Montréal. Partnered with the Consulate General of Mexico in Montreal, this year’s theme was Dìa de Muertos, the Day of the Dead. People where invited to celebrate this significant Mexican holiday in all the beauty and colour of traditional costumes and masks.

The Soirée Masquée marked the third and final installment of an event that started on November 2nd. Organized by the Cultural Intitute of Mexico in Montreal, a resplendent altar was set up, a creation of artists and artisans from Mexico, as a temporary exhibition with the aim of introducing Montrealers to this tradition. The public was invited to come and admire the installation until 1 pm on Saturday.

Thanks to donations raised during this event the Institut du Cancer de Montréal will be able to fund the purchase of a new specialized microscope: Incucyte from Essen Bioscience. This state-of-the-art device will, among others, be used by our researcher, Dr. Saima Hassan. Dr. Hassan specializes in breast cancer treatment, and is researching a subtype of breast cancer that is very aggressive and difficult to treat, triple negative breast cancer. With the help of this new microscope her experiments will lay the groundwork for future clinical trials that will lead to the development of a new treatment against this type of cancer, giving hope to thousands of women in Quebec.

A big thank you to all of our participants, volunteers, and sponsors who made this a magical evening, see you next year!

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