Marilyn Wener Scholarship

Photo - Marilyn Wener Scholarship

David Possamaï, a PhD student in Dr. Réjean Lapointe’s lab, was awarded the Marilyn Wener prize from the Défi Canderel. This prize is presented by Canderel to a student who has been involved in the Institut du cancer de Montréal community.

David is pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Sciences. His project aims to improve cancer immunotherapy treatment using the patient's immune cells to fight their tumor.

David also recently received the Université de Montréal Biomedical Science Scholarship as well as the prize for best poster presentation at the 19th congress of CRCHUM students, trainees and residents.

In addition to his studies and research projects, David is actively involved in our fundraising events as a volunteer.

Bravo David and thank you again for your involvement!