Concert contre le Cancer

The Reverse the Brain Drain program was implemented by the Institut du Cancer de Montréal as a major fundraising campaign in celebration of the 60th anniversary of its founding. In response to this event $ 1.2 million was raised for the charity. In order to thank the donors for their incredible generosity a concert was organized in 2008. This concert would lay the foundation for what would become the flagship event for the Institute: the Concert contre le Cancer!


Born to combat the exodus of trained individuals, a phenomenon that threatens the Montréal scientific community, the Reverse the Brain Drain program has directly enabled the Institute to repatriate 10 oncology researchers. By funding the projects of these researchers over a five-year period, the Institute can collectively promote the scientific advancement and the development of better cancer treatments right here in Montréal. This year will marks arrival of the 11th repatriated researcher to the Cenre de recherche du CHUM.


Since its creation, the Concert contre le Cancer has raised nearly $ 4.5 million, which has been donated to the Institut du cancer de Montréal’s Reverse the Brain Drain program. Help us repatriate other oncology researchers who will continue their research in developing new cancer treatments, giving hope to thousands of Québécois and their loved ones.

This year’s program “Vie de Bohème” will feature pianist André Laplante, accompanied by the Orchestre Métropolitain, under the conductor Alain Trudel. In what will surely be an unforgettable evening, we will be swept up by the soaring sounds of the music of Eastern European composers. They will be performing Bedřich Smetana, The Moldau; Franz Liszt, Concerto No. 1; Franz Schubert, Unfinished Symphony No. 8, and Antonín Dvořák, The Slavonic Dances.


Quebec pianist André Laplante has established himself as one of the great romantic virtuosos of our day. This renowned artist has recorded several albums, devoted in particular to the works of Liszt (Felix Prize, 1995) and Rachmaninov. In 2006 he won the Opus prize for Performer of the Year, awarded by the Conseil Québécois de la Musique. 


Do you want to take part in the 11th edition of the Concert contre le Cancer? Get your tickets online by clicking on this link.


If you have more questions, contact Mrs Anne-Marie Demers, Event Coordinator: 


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