Concert contre le Cancer

Concerned about securing the continuity of high caliber research, the Institut Board of Directors, chaired by Raymond Garneau, launched a new program in 2007 called ‘Reverse the Brain Drain’’. To implement this program, the Institut will provide financial support for the recruitment of young researchers who have completed their university studies in Canada but left the country to pursue their careers. The Institut’s support will be in the form of grants as start-up funds to newly hired young researchers, amounting to of $50,000/year for each researcher over a five-year period. This amount falls well within the standards for such recruitments and covers the basic phases of a research project, from start-up to the publication of scientific articles, a sine qua non condition to obtain larger grants from national funding agencies.


This program’s goal is twofold: the strengthen local research teams with expertise gained abroad, and to encourage the return to Quebec of young and talented oncologists who are getting attractive offers from the United States or other Canadian research institutes.


The ‘’Reverse the Brain Drain’’ program demonstrates the Institut du cancer de Montreal’s determination to respond to the urgent need of stepping up cancer research, to counter the increase in incidence of this terrible illness.

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